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obsession would make it sound bad... so we'll just say I have a good appreciation for Star Wars. Twitter: wewerejedi Instagram: DarthNoctis

California born and raised

Kik - RevanStarkiller

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Anonymous asked: since you wont post a picture describe her? :]

she’s a princess that’s all that’s need to be said ☺️

Anonymous asked: what's the cutest thing about her :P (physical and personality)

her smile and she’s beautifully weird

Anonymous asked: "IF" it lasts?

I don’t want to assume it’ll last, last time I did that I got dumped ✌️

Anonymous asked: :'[ why wont you just show us

because I don’t need people creeping her or bothering her until we’ve built a better connection. I’ve had crazy exes lurk my shit and ruin relationships for me in the past and I don’t want that bs to happen again. But don’t worry you all will see her soon enough πŸ‘ if it lasts.

Anonymous asked: post a picture of her i wanna see if im prettier ;3

lol don’t worry about it everyone’s beautiful in their own way, I’m sure you’re pretty.

Anonymous asked: Don't listen to anon he/she is just jealous!

meh don’t bother me none ☺️

Anonymous asked: ha. To afraid to answer my questions cause I'm right. You are a pussy.

you are what you eat πŸ’

nosey little anon :)

whiskeyblunts asked: Your pocket tees >>>

haha thank you 😁

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