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obsession would make it sound bad... so we'll just say I have a good appreciation for Star Wars. Twitter: wewerejedi Instagram: DarthNoctis

California born and raised

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Anonymous asked: Your lady is ace 👌. Why are people continuous assholes for no good reason. Isn't one of the first manners you learn growing up if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all?

it’s not people lol it’s just a sad person 😁 but thank you

Anonymous asked: Haha wrong again, that's funny you think that considering I'm a guy and an once old friend. Hence, why I said we no longer hangout because you're a mooch and a shitty person.

😂 that makes this all the better, you’re a dude? damn I feel bad for you. Thank you for not “hanging out” with me anymore cause you seem sadder than you make my life out to be. You take of care of yourself buddy ☺️ try not to be so concerned with my life that you waste both our times by giving me your incorrect and useless “insults.” I only know of a couple “old friends” that would be dramatic enough to pull this shit and trust me I’m glad we don’t hang out anymore 😉


my little anon fan has made it appear to be my ex Bry lol by the “knowledge” she knows of me. Which was mostly still wrong but the last job fail of thinking catering was my last spot is wrong but would make sense if it were her cause that’s when we split lol oh wells 💁

sciencekittten asked: I'm sorry about the mean and very weird anon. I don't see why you would lie about that and I hope you and your lady friend are happy. I bet she's lovely.

haha you don’t have to apologize for someone else’s childish behavior, but thank you ☺️ she is lovely

Anonymous asked: But the hater does seem to know about you enough to actually KNOW you. Not saying he/she is right but if they didn't know you at all how would they know about your living situation 🙊

mmm simple, I don’t hide where I live, day I got let go from work I posted on Facebook that I was looking for a new job, and my family’s posted on my Facebook. If this persons sad enough to want to spend their night talking shit, you don’t think they’d creep every social media possible? and I’m not denying that they know me, I’m saying they don’t know everything they think they know lol I’m just stating that the fact that they know me and don’t have the balls to give me a “wake up call” to my face just shows their cowardliness. 💁

Anonymous asked: You don't even have a single shred of proof of the girl you say you have. She probably left your ass by now. Which is probably why you won't post pictures of her. Or maybe it's just the fact you don't want your underage fans to see her and still give them hope of being with you which they no doubt probably DO have a chance.

😂 I don’t need to prove anything to you or anyone, it’s called a personal life for a reason 👍 but believe what you wish, whatever helps you sleep at night ☺️ I mean, if I WERE such a creep and had underage “fans” why would I lie abou seeing someone? wouldn’t it be the other way around idiot so that I could be a “creep.” Like do you hear yourself lol you’re calling me a liar for saying I have someone… so I’m openly admitting that no one else has a chance? haha that’s so stupid if I were not interested in someone I’d be out slutting it up. Geez use your noodle.

Anonymous asked: How did you manage to get an xbox one and a play station 4 without a job ?

Xbox One - Birthday

PS4 - Tax return


Anonymous asked: Ugh you're just perfect. I'd kill to have a guy like you

so not perfect and idk if you meant to but this message sent 8 times 🙈😂

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